Presbyterian Health Plan | Summer 2019 | Your Story 9 6 ways to better gut health Eat more fruits. Eat more vegetables. Eat more whole grains. Eat more beans/ lentils. Drink more water. Cut down on salt. September is Flu and Cold Prevention Month Everyday preventive actions can help slow the spread of germs that can cause many different illnesses and may offer some protection against the flu. Get a flu shot. Use sunscreen. Cover your nose when you cough. Wear a hat. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Carry an umbrella. Limit contact with others if sick. Drink plenty of water. Keep open spaces clean. Wash your hands often. If needed, get a pneumonia vaccine. Connect with your healthcare team. Monthly wellness tips This summer, take extra precautions and protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harsh rays with the following. August is Gut Health Month Digestive health is impacted by the foods you eat and by your lifestyle. Here are some ways to take care of the friendly bacteria so they can help take care of you. health and wellness articles, chat online with a clinician, or schedule a virtual therapy session. To access the program, go to www.onto . Everyday tools you can use You can access Wellness at Work through myPRES at . Wellness at Work allows you to: ● ● Search for health information ● ● Search for information about your condition ● ● View wellness and prevention topics ● ● View health-related videos ● ● Manage your health ● ● Check your symptoms PCP andme Having a relationship with your healthcare team is important. Your healthcare team provides your medical care. This healthcare team includes any staff that help coordinate and connect you to the care you need. This includes any care you receive from a primary care provider (PCP), doctor, physician assistant, specialist, nurse, or other medical staff.